Absent - a movie about growing up and expectations

I’ve been pushing our indiegogo page a lot, because we really need the money for production, but I wanted to take a second and talk about why I care so much about a short film. 

My boyfriend and I cowrote Absent together, and this movie represents a lot of firsts for me. The first time I’ve collaborated on a piece of writing, the first time something I’ve written will be made into a real, viewable piece, and the first time I have whole-heartedly believed in my work.

When I was applying for college I wrote an essay about 80’s movies and the uncertainty of the future (because what else do you write college essays about)?? It was my declaration that I was okay with not knowing what I wanted to do with my life; that I was an amorphous blob of play-doh ready for shaping by the venerable institutions to which I applied!

I was lying, obviously. Personality-wise, our main character and I have a lot in common. I spent a lot of high school doing things just because I thought I should, not because I wanted to, just like Greg puts all of his energy into the ultimate goal of perfect attendance. I was not okay with how uncertain my future was. But then I got to college and realized that when you stop thinking about grades, you start caring a lot more about the subject matter and you start doing things because you want to do them. You take writing classes because they’re exciting (and scary), and you take classes about child psychopaths because they’re exciting (and scary, but in a different way). 

One of my dad’s favorite dad-isms is “don’t sweat the small stuff, and everything is small stuff.”* I think, in the fall semester of my senior year, that I’m at this point. It is very possible that I’m lying myself to ease the fear of my coming departure from cozy student-life, but I would reallllly like to think I’ve actually just grown up a little. 

So that is what Absent is about for me. Yes, it’s a ‘kooky’ comedy, and at times absurd, but it is also, according to the renowned Nick Riccardo “so perfectly funny/sad/sweet/meaningful.”

He also said “oh my god it’s so good seriously.”

So if you have a second, spread this around and/or contribute. We’re really excited to share it with y’all. 

*My dad has added the following amendment, “…unless you wear slippers to a ski lodge because that is NOT small stuff.”

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Absent - The Movie

I cowrote this script and am a coproducer so if you want to support some art then please contribute OR share/reblog/whatever! 

Thank you!

I made this video for my mom to show her students and their parents. She is Leslie Knope

Kitten vs. Boba - Who Will Win???

I made this.

Me, eating a flower for a new york university training video

Me, eating a flower for a new york university training video

// Mah To Do List for the Rest of the Semester//

Pre-Production Colloquium

  • Budget Breakdown (ASAP)
  • Locations Pics (ASAP)
  • Scene Breakdown (ASAP)
  • Construct Packet (Last Class)

Preparing the Screenplay

  • Pages (ASAP)
  • Work on Treatment (ASAP)
  • Figure out GF Character (ASAP)
  • Final Draft of Treatment (Last Class)

TV Programming

  • Final Paper (Last Class)

American Musical

  • Final Paper (Last Class)

Sight and Sound Film

  • Production Book 4 (ASAP)
  • Edit (ASAP/When film is processed)
  • Shoot Credits (Super ASAP)
  • Production Book 5 (Last Class/but really ASAP)


K*POP Christmas! Thanks a ton to everybody who helped!!