So today I had my internship. And tomorrow. It’s supposed to go from 10-4 and it’s in Seattle. Today I showed up and my boss/supervisor/I don’t know what you call them when it’s an internship, wasn’t there. 

So I went to my computer and logged in to check my email and there wasn’t a desk chair there so I just stood for fifteen minutes and then someone brought me a chair and then someone else was like oh your supervisor isn’t coming in today do you have work to do?

But I’ve only been two days so far so I don’t really know what’s going on. So they just had me do this computer orientation which was basically learning the internet and that was silly. And then they had me watch a doc on the underground railroad and then the guy was like, yeah you probably can just go. 

So now I’m home way earlier than I should be and even though I probably should be all mehhhh about it because I mean I want to get “real life experience” at this internship I’m secretly really happy that I can just take off le pants and lay in bed and watch some netflix and catch up on the ABC Family shows I missed last night because I watched Battlestar Galactica with RLW instead. 

I guess if you’re reading this and thinking, “Ten years from now she won’t be successful,” you could be right, but it probably won’t be because I don’t one hundred percent love doing intern-y things it’ll more likely be that it took me three tries to spell successful. And at least I’ll still have this day where I got to be pants-less so much earlier than I thought.