// Requesting Some Help Y’all//

Hey friends! Sorry for the interruption in my usual cat pics but I’m asking for some help! My ten year old cousin is a smart, funny kid named Nick. A while back his lung spontaneously collapsed and ever since then he has been in and out of hospitals. Recently he was diagnosed with Interstitial Lung Disease and will require a lung transplant. However, the disease is progressing very quickly and they don’t know how soon they can do a transplant. He’s holding up okay but as you can imagine this is a scary time for him and his awesome parents. 


There isn’t a whole lot we can do, except to send some encouragement and love along. So I’m sending this out in hopes of getting some people to send letters or postcards or anything positive and fun to lift his spirits and make his parents feel a little better. As far as I know they just have a P.O. box so I don’t know that big packages can be sent but letters and postcards are SO welcome. Even if you can’t help out maybe reblog this so someone else can see it too! 

You can send your love to P.O. Box 6 McCleary, WA 98557

thank you all!


// life life life//

update on mah life, mostly so i can be excited about things. 

The past two days at my internship I got to do real things, which is very exciting because previously I was sort of doing busy work stuff. Basically now I’ve been entering the program schedule into this thing called enames which is a ratings thing apparently. And also today I had to watch a bunch of short films and take notes on them for a new film series we’re doing. Oh and now I leave an hour earlier in an attempt to avoid rush hour traffic except I still had to sit in traffic forever, BUT it was very sunny and pretty out. 

So I got home and made ***vegan macaroni salad*** and I’ve been craving it forever and it totally lived up to my dreams/expectations. 

Then I chatted with Jrnny and got excited all over again about her visit!!!! I pick her up tomorrow at le airport! And we’re gonna see Brth and I’m very excited for that <3

Oh and I watched the new episode of Teen Mom. 

And finally, in conclusion, etc, etc, RLW gets here in 8 days! 

La Romanza-West Seattle
Pic by Michelle Auster

La Romanza-West Seattle

Pic by Michelle Auster

So today I had my internship. And tomorrow. It’s supposed to go from 10-4 and it’s in Seattle. Today I showed up and my boss/supervisor/I don’t know what you call them when it’s an internship, wasn’t there. 

So I went to my computer and logged in to check my email and there wasn’t a desk chair there so I just stood for fifteen minutes and then someone brought me a chair and then someone else was like oh your supervisor isn’t coming in today do you have work to do?

But I’ve only been two days so far so I don’t really know what’s going on. So they just had me do this computer orientation which was basically learning the internet and that was silly. And then they had me watch a doc on the underground railroad and then the guy was like, yeah you probably can just go. 

So now I’m home way earlier than I should be and even though I probably should be all mehhhh about it because I mean I want to get “real life experience” at this internship I’m secretly really happy that I can just take off le pants and lay in bed and watch some netflix and catch up on the ABC Family shows I missed last night because I watched Battlestar Galactica with RLW instead. 

I guess if you’re reading this and thinking, “Ten years from now she won’t be successful,” you could be right, but it probably won’t be because I don’t one hundred percent love doing intern-y things it’ll more likely be that it took me three tries to spell successful. And at least I’ll still have this day where I got to be pants-less so much earlier than I thought.